Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thing #4

             Commenting within someone's blog is a powerful tool. It helps to create a sense of community and interaction. When you comment on someone's thoughts, you are showing them that you hear and understand what they are writing. It also shows that you are interested in what they have to say. As the author of a blog, you give readers the ability and forum to cast a vote on an important topic. This has everyone participating, not just the writer saying how something is going to be. Audiences can have input into what is written about. 
                When people post to other blogs, this allows other bloggers to see who is out there. One point I have found important is drawing attention to your own blog. If you comment appropriately on someone's blog, and they like what they read, this may cause them to want to read what you are writing about. It is important to build an audience of supporters as a blogger. These supporters will also want to share ideas, facts, opinions and information with you that will only help you grow as a blogger. This is only the start to creating a healthy, supportive blogging community.
                The second thing I found important was that you really do become part of the life of the blogger that you are reading. Commenting on someone's blog is not just a one and done kind of thing. You become invested. You are showing them that you are there, you hear them, and you are ready to support, defend and contribute to whatever they have to offer. They will depend on you for these things and you will find yourself continually interested and wanting to contribute.
I commented on:

- Candice Somer's "The Future of Education"Web 2.0 & School 2.0.- I found through her post that she and I have a similar viewpoint when it comes to technology and blog use within the classroom. It's nice to have support!

"Candice, I completely agree with your point of view. I'm a huge "techie" when it comes to classroom instruction, and have seen it's benefits. I do however understand the issues with funding the technological advancements to keep our kids up to date with the most recent technology. It is definitely a hassle, but I am finding that if a school is title I, that's where they tend to put their money first. As far as safety, it isn't any different than a hacker trying to access the schools administration information."

- Nicole DeCastro- "Thing # 9 : Online Image Generator"- This post is very helpful. I've always been interested in how to create these, and it's great to see someone else as interested as myself.

"It's nice to know there are others as confused as me as to how people made images and memes. Thank you for your feedback on what you thought worked. I definitely agree that using these within our instruction will help to build a connection with our students and help to keep their attention during instruction or help rejuvenate them after an instructional power point. 

-Emily Ellison- "Thing #6"- This is a helpful post for finding educational websites for elementary students to access and use to improve their skills. She does a great job of giving both the pros and cons of using the websites."

"This is a really informational post. Thank you for your feedback and insight on these websites!

-Matthew Nixon  - Thing #1

"I absolutely agree with the problems vs. challenges habit. I tend to find myself not being able to differentiate between the two, causing my problems to get bigger and get the best of me. Instead I need to start reminding myself that nothing is a problem unless I allow it to be and i can easily make it into a challenge to find a solution or learn something new about myself that I haven't before. Thanks for sharing!"

- Rachel Cruise- Thing #11

"Rachel, this is very helpful information! I definitely agree that most of these didn't surprise me on which ones were most popular, but I found that some were either easier or more interesting to navigate than others. I definitely agree as well that I questioned things when of all educational programs, Bulgaria popped up. What's up with that? I've never even thought of their country in the means of education. I guess you learn something new every day? Good luck with everything!"

- Themodernausten (

"I really appreciate this advice. I have just began blogging myself and am finding it hard to keep up, or even deciding on which topics to touch on first. I like getting my ideas out there, but find it difficult. Thank you for the wonderful tips and suggestions as well as your honest words of advice for those wanting to get out here and blog!"
                 She is a sorority sister of mine and has taken the blogging world by storm. I enjoy reading her blog posts that focus on the growing woman, but anyone can really connect with her. She discusses anything and everything with a very honest voice. 

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