Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thing #8

Flickr Mashups-

    Pastry Cutter Letter F    letter L    letter i    letter C    John Crane Classic Block Letter k    letter R

                c45    h43    letter R    letter I    letter S    t64    Vintage Sticker Letter i    n37


Like I had said in my last post, I think Flickr could be used as a great tool for a teacher to use to share with student's families about what is going on in class through the means of pictures. HOWEVER, I do believe that this could be a dangerous way to share with anyone as it is a public sight that you can view anyone's pictures and profiles. This would not be good for students to be able to use independently and post whatever they would like. I'm all about the safety and privacy of anything I use. Using this Flickr sight to create words out of different pictures would be a great thing for a teacher to use in Powerpoints and worksheets to make things more fun for students. It's a fun little hobby to have, for sure.

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