Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thing #10

Creating an RSS reader and adding feeds....

So, I'm not very good at the technology thing... (we typically don't get along) and I end up messing something up. BUT, being able to follow my most favorite blogs as easy as a link is fantastic. 
Feedly will be an amazing tool for teachers to keep accessible on their desktop, not only for themselves, but for their students(depending on the student's age, of course). I think all of the blogs have some information to share and educate both parties. The blogs I chose were: Edudemic, Cool Cat teacher Blog, Education Blog, Free Technology for Teachers, and Lisa Nielson: The Innovative Teacher. Each of these blogs has something to offer. Edudemic focuses more on technology and communication between teachers and students and whether those more concrete objects are more beneficial. Cool Cat offers general ideas on just about anything that can supplement education in the classroom, or even outside the classroom. Education is a site more for teachers, educating them on changes to the education system, testing, as well as education news updates. This could potentially be used with the older high school students in educating them about their own education. Free Technology for Teachers offers all kinds of links for teachers from iPad apps to how to use the apps and websites within the education curriculum. The Innovative teacher offers topics such as web safety, using cellphones, to top posts and helping young adults find jobs and internships.

These sites have so much to offer! I can't wait to dig deeper and find out what else they come up with!

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