Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thing #11

Finding Good Feeds....

Some interesting blogs I have stumbled across are: Upside Down Education(Edublogs), Emerging EdTech(Googleblog), and Life in Special Education(

Upside Down Education  is a great blog to read because the author is authentic in what she posts and feels. She covers anything from Barbie causing young girls to not want to aspire to anything past a high school degree, to authentic assessments and the view of a parent/teacher.

Emerging EdTech is a blog found on Googleblog. It offers many topics such as onlinne portfolios, to emerging technologies that can be used in the classroom. They use daily updated twitter feeds and post links to different educational websites to help keep technology updated in the classroom.

The last blog, that is near and dear to my heart- Life in Special Education- is important because I too, am looking to work in a special education classroom. She has everythin gon her blog from creative crafts to help keeps her classroom organized, to great ideas for behavior management to helping teachers keep their planning simple. She also offers different points of view from different teachers throughout her blogs. I absolutely loved this site!

I found Edublogs the most easy to use as far as locating blogs that I was looking for. For me, Google blog was the most confusing because it also contained news articles and other things that weren't specifically focused on blogs or subjects I was looking for. As far as googling other blog feeds, I couldn't really find anything that would work well to search for educational blogs except for the one I had already found. This was definitely an educational journey in finding these blogs!

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