Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thing #3

I am a firm believer in allowing students to voice their opinions through an appropriate media with an appropriate but real audience. I also believe that educators can do the exact same thing. With educators being able to track their successes, failures, ideas, and suggestions from a different viewpoint on teaching that they can share with the education world.As an educator, I would use a personal blog that my students would be able to access for information, homework, a place where they may feel safer to discuss topics that were brought up in class, or a way to share what my class is doing with parents. The ways in which I may use a blog at the student level would be to create student written blogs that pertain to writing prompts that week, or a blog that tracks how students feel and what they are thinking while working on a project, or a place for students to appropriately express their feelings about their school day.I also think this would be a good way for students to build an online e-portfolio of their writing prompts and be able to comment on how they think they did and allow other classmates to appropriately offer encouragement, criticism and ideas.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you using a blog as an outlet for students to feel safer about discussing topic they may not want to bring up in front of other students. I never even thought of using for students to help edit each others writing. Great idea!

  2. I think having students write a blog is a great idea. Technology is ever changing and sometimes school is the only opportunity students get to learn about technology depending on how economically disadvantaged the area is surrounding the school. I think students would get excited when they see their classmates comment on their blog. I know I got excited when I saw my first comment on our blog! It shows students that their classmates care about them which brings a sense of community into the classroom as well.