Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thing #7

Exploring Flickr


I have definitely NEVER heard of this program before. Interesting.... as I have always viewed myself as up on the new photography technology, haha.

Upon investigating, I have found that it can be compared to Instagram. Although no one is allowed to view your Instagram without you permission. I think Flickr allows anyone to view your profile?

I have uploaded a photo to my blog of my recent trip to the Virgin Islands. THis specific piture is from St. Lucia, in one of their rain forests. SO pretty!

I have not found inserting a URL address very easy. I am not finding this site very user friendly. I suppose I am an Instagram follower.

This could definitely work as a class online photo account though, allowing parents of students access to view what the class is doing that week or post photos of activities that parents come in and help with.

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