Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thing #2

Creating this blog was....interesting. First of all, I needed to fight the urge to cower back to my comfort zone. Blogs have never really been my cup of tea. Of course in school, I was always writing papers that were already predetermined how and what I was going to write. Reading books were too easy because the author would guide me on how I was to feel, or understand, or picture what they were writing about. But, I have never been able to just write down what I was thinking without some kind of predestined format to precede it.
Lucky for me, setting up my blog was somewhat easy and quick. Selecting my blog name was actually a piece of cake since the first letter of my last name rhymes with 23. Picking a theme for my blog was the thing that took the most time because I wanted it to reflect my personality. I was fun trying to create my avatar to look like me. I decided to go with an accurate avatar because I always remain true to myself. I never try to be anyone but the best version of myself.

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